This website was made possible by grant ESI-0331438 to L. P. Madin from the Communicating Research to Public Audiences program, Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings, National Science Foundation (NSF).

In addition, we would like to acknowledge the following support for associated research cruises: NSF grants to L. P. Madin (OCE-0002540), P. Kremer (OCE-0003035), and R. L. Miller (OCE-0003272), and NOAA-ECOHAB grant NA4NOS4780274 to C. Pilskaln.

Finally, we wish to thank the captains, crews, and science parties of RV Oceanus cruises OC368, OC370, OC379, OC381, OC394, OC420, and OC431 and RV Endeavor cruise EN399, including chief scientists Erich Horgan, Spahr Webb, Cindy Pilskaln, and Bob Weller, for their tolerance, support and enthusiasm.

National Science Foundation