Virtual Stowaway on a Research Cruise: Captain's Stateroom

you can navigate through the panoramas (see box), or by a clickable Ship Diagram below

This is the Captain's stateroom (cabin). Note the two clocks on the wall: one shows local time for the location of the Oceanus; the other shows Universal Time (UTC, similar to Greenwich Mean Time), which is the same everywhere. Some records aboard ship are kept using UTC to avoid confusion when the ship crosses time zone boundaries (otherwise, time might seem to run backward!)
deck with divers crane cab main lab wet lab galley bridge bow stateroom for scientists or crew engine room laundry room food storage captain's stateroom

[larger diagram]  [aerial photo]

Note: a few spaces can only be reached from the panoramas, as they are "behind" others in the diagram view.
At present, a few other spaces can be reached only from the diagram view.

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