Virtual Stowaway: Dive Boat Launch

(Tour Stop 3)

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You can navigate through hotspots in the panoramas (see box at right), or you can click the image at left to go to a larger, clickable Ship Diagram.

Or continue your tour by following the arrows by the text under the panoramas.

The crane from the upper deck, whose yellow ball and hook can be seen hanging in the foreground, is used to hoist the inflatable dive boat off the deck and down into the water. Click on the hanging ball to visit the inside of the crane cab, above the next higher deck.

As a diver starting out on a collecting trip, you would climb down into the small boat by a ladder over the rail. In this picture three divers are already in the boat. Follow links from the cooler (rectangular object in the middle of the dive boat) to find out more about how you would collect animals. Then use your "back" button to return to this panorama and continue the tour.

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deck with divers crane cab main lab wet lab galley bridge bow stateroom for scientists or crew engine room laundry room food storage captain's stateroom

[larger diagram]  [aerial photo]

Note: a few spaces can only be reached from the panoramas, as they are "behind" others in the diagram view.
At present, a few other spaces can be reached only from the diagram view.

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