Virtual Stowaway: Deck

(Tour Stop 2)

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All the animals studied in the ship's main lab don't just appear there. If you were a member of the science party on this research cruise, you would likely leave the large ship in a small boat and scuba dive to collect sample animals in jars.

In this panorama a diver checks and adjusts his scuba gear on deck, while-- if you turn the panorama to look in the opposite direction-- the small inflatable boat can be seen being held by the crane at the rail while equipment for a collecting dive is loaded into it.

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deck with divers crane cab main lab wet lab galley bridge bow stateroom for scientists or crew engine room laundry room food storage captain's stateroom

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Note: a few spaces can only be reached from the panoramas, as they are "behind" others in the diagram view.
At present, a few other spaces can be reached only from the diagram view.

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