Virtual Stowaway on a Research Cruise: Forward Stores and Laundry

you can navigate through the panoramas (see box), or by a clickable Ship Diagram below

When this panorama opens, you are looking at the bow (front) of the ship from the inside, underneath the deck. Above the big pulley straight ahead of you, the "wall" comes to a point and slopes away because of the shape of the ship's bow.

Behind you as the panorama opens are two large struts (striped yellow and black at the bottom) through which the anchor chains run from the anchor locker, below this room, up to the anchors. Behind you to the left, as you look over one of the struts, are the washer and dryer-- just one of each for about two dozen people on the ship. Scientists are encouraged not to do their laundry until they have a full load! This saves fresh water, most of which which the ship must make by removing salt from seawater, as well as keeping the machines free for others. Near you on the right are a group of red cylinders that supply chemicals to fire extinguishers in the engine room.

deck with divers crane cab main lab wet lab galley bridge bow stateroom for scientists or crew engine room laundry room food storage captain's stateroom

[larger diagram]  [aerial photo]

Note: a few spaces can only be reached from the panoramas, as they are "behind" others in the diagram view.
At present, a few other spaces can be reached only from the diagram view.

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